On July 8, the Chengdu Exhibition of China Environmental Expo 2021 was grandly opened in Chengdu, Western China International Expo City. More than 400 top exhibitors in the field of environmental protection and more than 20000 professional visitors were gathered in Chengdu Exhibition of the Expo.

The exhibition focuses on displaying high-quality solutions for environmental pollution in water, solid waste, air and soil fields at home and abroad, accelerating the pace of environmental protection enterprises to "move westward" and promoting the vitality and innovation of environmental protection industry in Western China. Seven exhibition themes, 17 categories of target audience, and 200 associations at home and abroad participated in the exhibition, adding strength to the cause of environmental protection.

Beijing Ca-long Engineering Machinery CO., LTD., as the professional producer and leader of complete sets of equipmentes for the recycling of construction waste, led the technical team to the exhibition.
The Ca-long team showed up at the exhibition with the latest product light sorter, which adopted the latest artificial intelligence technology to accurately identify the shape, size, color and other characteristics of materials instead of manual sorting of different materials.

Under the explanation of the professional and technical team, our products have attracted the attention of many professionals and customers, and have also been unanimously approved and praised by industry experts, and the exhibition has finally come to a successful conclusion.

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Post time: Jul-19-2021