CL-7500 asphalt mixing plant site observation meeting

On November 22, 2019, the "Beijing CA-LONG World's Largest Environmentally Friendly CL-7500 Asphalt Mixing Plant and Product Promotion Conference for Multifunctional Maintenance Vehicles and Construction Waste Recycling Equipment" was held at the Swan City International Hotel in Sanmenxia City. The chairman, general manager, assistant to the chairman of Beijing CA-LONG, and sales managers of various sales areas attended the meeting. More than 120 guests were invited to the meeting. At the meeting site, the atmosphere was warm. Our technical experts gave detailed explanations on the product characteristics and market conditions of environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plants, multi-functional road maintenance vehicles, and construction waste treatment equipment. At the same time, they gave customers suggestions through active and effective interaction. Answer specific questions one by one. Through the guest feedback after the meeting, we learned that many customers are very confident in the performance and quality of CA-LONG's products, and hope to cooperate with our company as soon as possible to achieve good results.
Beijing CA-LONG has been deeply involved in the field of road construction machinery for many years. It has a large market share and a good reputation. Through occasional equipment observation meetings and promotion meetings, it constantly meets more new customers, maintains old customers, and New and old customers work together to create the future together. In the field of road construction machinery and environmental protection equipment, CA-LONG is with you!

Post time: Jul-29-2020