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CLW series soil/cement mixing plant

CLW series soil/cement mixing plant is suitable for infrastructure construction projects such as expressway, road and airport. It has the following features: good adaptability materials, multiple dosages, compact structure and reasonable layout, high reliablility, etc. Capacity is from 350t/h to 600t/h.

■ Equipped with high performance mixing system, uniform mixing, stable performance, high production efficiency

■ It can mix various types of stable soil mixture to meet the needs of various projects and working conditions

■ Dynamic weighing technology, electronic belt scale and Electron helical scale measurement, a variety of measurement methods integrated application, accurate batching, high measurement precision

■ The advanced control system can realize the automatic control and monitoring of the production process, with automatic and manual operation mode, the system is stable and reliable

■ Perfect production management function, can provide production report printing, batching ratio automatic read and save functions

■ Adopts modular assembly structure, easy to move and install, is the best model in user construction

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