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CLY series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Ca-long Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant is a new generation of mobile series products independently developed by Ca-Long, which can realize mobile plant relocation and independent installation, and adapt to the working condition requirements of frequent relocation, rapid installation and rapid discharge at the site. Mainly for the overseas market and domestic small repair, maintenance market. 

■ Adopts integrated design, optimization of the combination.

The whole plant can be divided into 2-4 units, compact structure, each unit is an independent complete system

■ Convenient transportation and quick relocation.

Each individual unit is equipped with a separate chassis wheel structure, no need for dedicated vehicles, easy to transport.

■ Fast installation saves time and labor.

Each unit is equipped with vehicles dedicated support, assembly without lifting can be put in place; The main building is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system, which requires no crane, no cutting, no welding, and only 3-5 days for equipment installation

■ Independent selection, free combination

According to the needs of users, the peripheral parts of the equipment such as asphalt tank, powder tank can be configured freely

■ No dedicated foundation is required

On any flat, firm ground, can install this set of plant, users no need to carry out a lot of foundation construction, reduce the handling cost

■ The design meets to The European standard,EN536,EN60204-1,ENISO12100 etc.

■ Capacity,56t/h、80t/h、120t/h、160t/h.

Model CLY-700 CLY-1000 CLY-1500 CLY-2000
Rated Capacity (in standard conditoins) 56T/H 80 T/H 120 T/H 160 T/H
Cold Aggregate bin 4x6m3 4x8 m3 4x8 m3 5x11 m3
Drying Capacity of Roller 60 T/H 80 T/H 120 T/H 160 T/H
Bag Filtering Area 300m2 400 m2 520 m2 660 m2
Vibrating Screen Structure 2 decks
4 segments
2 decks
4 segments
2 decks
4 segments
5 decks
9 segments
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate≤±0.5%  Bitumen≤±0.25%  Filler≤±0.25%
Mixer Capacity 700kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg
Hot Mix Storage Silo 30T 30T 80T 80T
Number of Mobile Unit        

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